Friday, January 04, 2019

Mormon Buddies: Mittens and Dirty Harry

The first thing to understand about Willard Mitt Romney is that he has an annual income of $22 million from his business interests. The second thing to know is that he's an idiot.

Willard has picked up the nickname "Mittens," and I'm not sure why. It may be that a map Michigan, his home state, seemed to be shaped like a mitten. Urban Dictionary has this: "When an evil being or entity gathers to them dark forces to do their evil bidding, and all they can get are kittens, they've got mittens." I have no idea what that means.

Pugnacious Harry.
Willard now stands tall with fellow Mormon Harry Reid in denouncing The Donald. You will fondly remember Harry as the guy who in the 2012 presidential campaign he falsely accused Mitt Romney of not having paid his taxes. 

It was a lie, on the Senate floor, but he said: "They can call it whatever they want. Romney didn't win did he?"

Harry was also involved with John Brennan and the notoriously false Steele dossier used to discredit The Donald. Harry suffered a concussion, broken ribs and a busted face from what he said was a “workout” incident. Man suspect he got in a fight with his brother.

Look! We're sitting on stools!
Mittens, by contrast, is a fine, honorable man. He, you may recall, ran for the Senate in 1994, and supported easy access to abortion and had harsh things to say about Ronald Reagan.

He praised womanizer Ted Kennedy for helping enact Romney's version of Obamacare in Massachusetts.

What pomposity to scold The Donald on morals. As Julie Kelly writes:
Over his ambitious, self-serving, 25-year career, Romney’s positions on major issues from subsidized health care to abortion to global warming have changed more often than his home address. Faced with skepticism from conservative voters in 2012, he laughably had to declare that he was “severely conservative.” But in 2002, when running for governor of Massachusetts, Romney called himself a moderate with progressive views.
He had no concerns about poor character 11 years ago when he teamed up with then-Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) to pass a universal health care law in that state. Calling him a “collaborator and friend” during the 2007 signing ceremony, Romney lauded Kennedy’s indispensable work behind the scenes to push the not severely conservative government program. He later admired Kennedy’s political skills and called the man who left a young girl to die in a submerged car his “go-to guy” when Romney needed help. 
Similarly, Romney had no concerns about Trump’s character when he solicited his endorsement in 2012. Acknowledging his political groveling on a stage shared with his wife and Trump in Nevada before that state’s crucial primary, Romney admitted that “there are some things you just can’t imagine happening in life, this is one of them,” he joked. “Being in Trump’s magnificent hotel and having his endorsement is a delight. I’m so honored and pleased to have his endorsement.” He won that primary a few days later.
Pretty hair, nice suits, a perennial loser, and a hypocrite. What is it Mormons believe? 

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