Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Gumbo TV: What kind of country will it be then?

I happened to catch Tucker Carlson's opening monologue the other night on Fox News -- that's a signal to my liberal friends to find something else to read -- and it has captured quite a bit of interest.

In The National Review (another signal), Kyle Smith says this:
I don’t know how to label this speech. “Malaise II”? “Smarter Trumpism”? “Howard Beale for the Opioid Era”? “The Preppy Lonesome Rhodes”? It’s a populist cry of dissatisfaction that is underlain by certain grave truths. Carlson scores some major points, and like most great speeches this one can’t easily be dismissed as either left or right-wing. Carlson’s reputation is such that left-wing talking heads will dismiss anything he says, but he hit some notes — about nefarious banks, the hollowing out of the middle class and unnecessary overseas wars — that are favorite talking points on the left, even on the hard left.
[Editor's Note: Oh dear, maybe my liberal friends will want to continue reading.]
He also has some harsh words for conservatives. I suspect the central critique of left-wing writers will be to take him slightly out of context and denounce Carlson for expressing concern for the fate of rural white Americans and for saying advances made by women have led to mismatches in the marriage market, which in turn have led to more single-parent families. Which in turn are linked to all sorts of undesirable outcomes.
Judge for yourself. Here's the video below, and for those of you who prefer to read, as I do, here's the transcript.

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