Thursday, December 06, 2018

Notes & Comment: Too much spandex, pomp and toilet water

Ideas with which I agree.

Don't ask.
Camille Paglia. In short, #MeToo from a historical perspective is a cri de coeur from women who are realizing that the sexual revolution that many of us had once ecstatically embraced has in key ways devalued women, confused their private relationships, and complicated their smooth functioning in the workplace. It’s time for a new map of the gender world.

Alert the Department of Unintended Consequences.

Glenn Reynolds. FOR ONE THING, THE RIDERS WEAR MORE SPANDEX AND ARE MUCH MORE ANNOYING: How bicycles have changed in the last 25 years.

It's all about looking cool.

Peter Blackmire. College, once a haven for free thought, challenging ideas, and ritualistic debauchery, has devolved into a paranoid, politically correct surveillance zone where anyone who dares not conform to the feminist lunacy risks total ruin. The workplace, once a place where men could work, speak frankly, curse, smoke and drink is now a drab detention center monitored 24/7 by commie, men-hating feminists in HR. Make an ‘off-color’ joke and you get to choose between putting your balls in a cinch while watching re-educational videos or being fired outright.

Maybe reruns of NCIS?

Eric Peters. The government decided that people were using “too much” water in the bathroom. The solution was a fatwa outlawing toilets as they had been and requiring that new toilets be designed to use less water (1.6 gallons, about half the volume of water used in the old, “wasteful” toilets). It now took two or more flushes to get the job done — which ended up using twice the water. Sometimes the job didn’t get done at all. Eventually, the problems caused by the low-flow toilets was fixed by modifying the toilet to operate at higher pressure, so as to make more effective use of less water. These toilets, of course, cost more than the old “water waster” toilets, now outlawed.

How many decades will it take to get this crap out of our homes?

Avner Zarmi. Well within my lifetime, the world has been turned upside down and twisted completely out of shape. When I was a teenager and a young adult, it was absolutely the norm that girls had it pounded into their heads to hold out for the marriage certificate, and boys, despite any lies told to their friends, generally respected that. The overwhelming majority did get married before they had any thought of having children, and there were no contraceptives to permit risk-free hanky-panky. To modern ears in the sex-saturated 21st century, the above sounds at best quaint and old-fashioned. But there are those of us for which these are still standards held.

Oh but look how good everything is today.

Charles C.W. Cooke. It is in no way to insult George H. W. Bush — or any other president, for that matter — to ask whether the retooling of their calendars is an appropriate way for the people of a republic to respond to the death of an elected representative. rrespective of whether he was a great man or a poor one, George H. W. Bush was a public employee. He was not a king. He was not a pope. He did not found or save or design the republic. To shut down our civil society for a day in order to mark his peaceful passing is to invert the appropriate relationship between the citizen and the state, and to take yet another step toward the fetishization of an executive branch whose role is supposed to be more bureaucratic than spiritual, but that has come of late to resemble Caesar more than to resemble Coolidge.

Because cable news needs filler.

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