Friday, November 16, 2018

You want fists with that?

Since a fast-food diet has low nutritive value, it can change parts of the brain that may impact mental health. ~ Houston Chronicle

As a public service The Gumbo Blog studies the effects of fast food on our society. This week we look at McDonald's:

A California woman was caught on camera beating and choking a McDonald’s manager because she was upset upon discovering that her order did not have enough ketchup, police said.

A McDonald’s employee was charged for assaulting the manager with ‘hot crispy’ bacon, police say.

Two McDonald’s customers in Florida sued the fast-food giant for a hefty sum of $5 million because they say they’re being unfairly charged for cheese they don’t want on their burgers.

A massive brawl broke out in a Baltimore McDonalds on Friday evening, causing chaos as customers threw punches and smashed the counter, according to a video.

A reputed mobster — whose son was injured during an attempted hit job three months ago — was blasted to death at a McDonald’s drive-thru in the Bronx while waiting for a cup of coffee on Thursday, sources said.

Iola police arrested 22-year-old Trevor Hockaday, who they say was working at McDonald's and put a peroxide-based cleaner in an Allen County Deputy's drink.

Monkey escapes zoo, flees to McDonald's.

A Florida woman was ordering food at a McDonald's drive-thru when authorities say someone walked up and fatally shot her.

A McDonald’s employee and a customer were caught on camera in a brutal fight that allegedly started over a free soda.

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