Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Idiots: Rhode Island Sen. Ralph Boof

Jealous of Connecticut's senator, Dick "Danang" Blumenthal, neighboring Rhode Island elected Sheldon "Ralph" Whitehouse, a place, incidentally, he'll never live in.

What kind of name is Sheldon?

At any rate, Ralph, as we'll call him, decided that he alone could turn back the encroachment of sanity upon our Supreme Court, and so he set about attacking Brett Kavanaugh. Ralph was curious about some words that Kavanaugh may have used when he was a teenager. Let's watch:

Rhode Island must be so proud just now.

Sheldon gets to be on TV with the Chipmunk.
Ralph Whitehouse is the latest evidence that elite families don't reproduce well. Ralph Whitehouse is, as judged by The New Yorker, "a politician with a great name, a bad haircut, and a pissed-off attitude. He’s descended from the Crocker railroad fortune, his father was a career diplomat (which included stints as ambassador to Laos and Thailand), and Sheldon himself is the product of St. Paul’s and Yale. Good breeding, however, has not assured him good manners, at least politically."

It's a shame he couldn't interview Ted Kennedy.

"I am the exception to the rule that all senators see themselves in the Oval Office." ~ Sheldon Whitehouse

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