Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Dianne Feinstein has put my family at risk

Don't insult my intelligence by telling me I have to listen to this Christine Blasey Ford. Women who say they were assaulted should be heard, of course.

I have a wife, two daughters, a sister, a daughter in law, and two granddaughters, and if they are harmed I will see to it that they are heard, which I know how to do. If you try to harm them I will come after you, and I will hurt you.

However, this tawdry, cynical get up by Dianne Feinstein is so obviously a political ploy.

Because so many people want to believe her, the Republicans have had to accommodate her, but everyone on both sides of the aisle understands the game afoot and plays along.

Many women believe Ford and say she needs to be believed, because ... #metoo! That kind of thinking reduces women to non-reasoning fools. This feel-good thinking also endangers women who have genuine grievances. Feminism is not serving women in this case; it is serving only some amorphous political mumbo jumbo.

False accusations of assault steal credence from the real ones. Already there is reaction to these falsehoods. Dianne Feinstein's ploy hurts all women, including those who are closest to me.

I think she's accomplished several things in addition to delaying the vote on Kavanaugh. She's making the headlines during a tough re-election battle, in which her on party is not endorsing her. Moreover, this faux uproar distracts from the news that Feintein had Chinese spy on her staff for years. She has all kinds of skeletons in the closet.

I would encourage all women to step back, take a deep breath, and assess whether this brazen act by a venal, corrupt politician is doing anything to make your daughters, your sisters, your mothers -- and you -- any safer.

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