Monday, July 09, 2018

We sit by and watch the barbarian

“The more I see of what you call civilization, the more highly I think of what you call savagery!”  
 ~ Robert E. Howard

“A Vision de Hugo, 1802–1902.” Théophile Steinlen
Did you hear the one about the Muslim who beheaded his one-year-old daughter in a German train station?

Probably not. Angela Merkel’s pro-migrant government has banned German media from reporting it. I don't encourage you to watch this video, but I offer it as evidence.

Did you hear the one about the two abortionists playing with the bodies of two aborted babies? I assume the babies were dead at this point, but who knows? I don't encourage you to watch this video, but I offer it as evidence.

These fully formed "products of conception" were were making a small contribution  to "reproductive rights" or "reproductive health" or "women's health care." Thanks, guys.

In an indication of how sick our society is, Facebook, which has pro-abortion leanings (all the coole people, do, right?), allowed the video to be posted, because: "We haven't removed it from Facebook because it may help rescue the child in question. To learn more about what you can do to help or find support, please visit the Help Center."

The Facebook Help Center suggests, helpfully: "If you see images on Facebook of a child being physically abused or sexually exploited, please contact your local law enforcement immediately. They may be able to identify and rescue the child."

Too late. (Irony is also dead.)

"We sit by and watch the barbarian. We tolerate him in the long stretches of peace, we are not afraid. We are tickled by his irreverence; his comic inversion of our old certitudes and our fixed creed refreshes us; we laugh. But as we laugh we are watched by large and awful faces from beyond, and on these faces there are no smiles.” ~ Hilaire Belloc

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