Thursday, June 07, 2018

Don't even open the door!

Don't let him in.
CNN celebrities use the White House press briefing as a platform to gain their 15 minutes of fame.

This week a woman named April Ryan, who plays some kind of role at CNN, interrupted White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders during Tuesday’s press briefing, repeatedly asking if President Trump is aware that NFL players who protest during the anthem are doing so because of police-involved shootings.

Sanders attempted to call on a different reporter, but the CNN contributor shouted over everyone in the room until the press secretary acknowledged her.

Then Don Lemon, identified as a CNN "star," praised Ryan for her rudeness. What is a "star" in the journalism business? This, by the way, is the same April Ryan who alerted her 336,000 Twitter followers to a story in The Root that asks if the Trump administration is involved in child sex-trafficking.

Journalism has morphed into something unrecognizable, and I don't know why taxpayer dollars are spent on these so-called briefings anymore.

Don Surber is an old-fashioned journalist, now retired. He has this to say about his profession.
Most of the press is in a sick groupthink, obsessed with bringing President Trump down. None of them care if they bring the country down with them. For all their pious proclamations of being vital to our republic, the truth is they now are a carbuncle. An oozing and diseased carbuncle.

Bill Press and Joy Behar said Mike Pence is mentally ill because he is a Christian.

Brian Stelter of CNN said the first lady has disappeared.

A Rolling Stone writer speculated that Donald Trump is a wife beater.

Calling the president's daughter the C-word is now OK.

The New York Times said a June 12 summit with Kim Jong Un was impossible, misquoting a White House official.

USA Today misquoted Trump; he did not call all immigrants animals -- only MS-13 gang bangers.

Reporters used a 2014 horror story about illegal alien children to take a swipe at Trump.

For three years we have had this nonsense -- this roar of the dinosaurs as they lose their power, and their grip on reality.
These people want us to treat them with respect, but they no longer deserve it. If I were The Donald, I wouldn't invited them into my house. Perhaps he should take a lesson from the Secret Service agent who refused to allow Jim Acosta into the White House. Acosta is apparently a CNN senior correspondent.

I love it that he had to follow the credentials rules, and I love it that the Secret Service agent didn't recognize him. Me! Jim Acosta! I wouldn't know him from Dan Rather.

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