Monday, June 11, 2018

Couples of the Coup: Jim and Ali

I hope you've been following along as we reveal a growing list of Couples of the Coup.

We now introduce a new pair of -- once again -- illicit lovers. Which of them got the best of their relationship? That's for you to decide.

Here's the news: The former security director for the Senate Intelligence Committee has been arrested after lying to the FBI about illegally leaking classified information to a young reporter he dated for three years.
The arrest exposed James A. Wolfe as the source of multiple leaks of sensitive national security information — including details of the investigation of former Trump campaign aide Carter Page — to New York Times reporter Ali Watkins. Wolfe, 57, had been in a sexual relationship with Watkins, a 2014 Temple University graduate.
Among her big stories were those on Trump campaign aide Carter Page, Hillary's emails, and former FBI Director James Comey's firing.

Well, it seems her entire, brief career was based on bedding Wolfe. As he wrote to her:
“I’ve watched your career take off even before you ever had a career in journalism. … I always tried to give you as much Information (sic) that I could and to do the right thing with it so you could get that scoop before anyone else. … I always enjoyed the way that you would pursue a story,like nobody else was doing in my hal1way (sic). I felt like I was part of your excitement and was always very supportive of your career and the tenacity that you exhibited to chase down a good story.”
Perhaps Peter Strzok and Lisa Page would like to have Jim and Ali over for tea.

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