Monday, March 12, 2018

This is CNN: A blight on America

It's impossible to take CNN seriously anymore. Consider:
Who watches this stuff? Fewer and fewer people.

The number of CNN viewers has dropped 30 percent year over year, and not one of its shows is in the top 20. You know why, of course. Brandon Morse writes:
CNN has been plagued with trouble since Trump’s election. Their reaction has been nothing short of mindbogglingly biased. White House reporter Jim Acosta sometimes abandons all intention of actually getting a news story and instead resorts to tactics seen during political activism.
If you own stock in Time Warner, which owns CNN, you might wonder why it puts up with this. Of course it also owns DC Comics, so maybe it just gets them confused.

The bottom line is that CNN and Time Warner don't care what you think. Cable-TV channels like CNN get almost all of their revenues from two sources: advertising and fees paid by cable distributors. One of these is very much not like the other. Because advertising comprises only 31 percent of CNN’s revenues, and most of those protesting aren’t even watching CNN in the first place, nor are they part of the target demographic for CNN’s advertisers.

If you buy any cable-TV package, you’re forced to pay for a suite of channels regardless of whether or not you watch them, and regardless of whether or not you find their owners/managers/talent morally repugnant. So  2014, an average of 96.6 million households “subscribed” to CNN, each paying an average of $7.32 per year. That equated to $710 million in revenues from cable-TV customers, 63 percent of all of CNN’s revenues for the year.

You didn't realize you were paying for it, did you?

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