Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Now you can check your blood pressure on your smart phone

I am fascinated with wearable technology and highly mobile technology, particularly as it applies to our health. I wrote the other day about a new smart watch application that will test your heart for atrial fibrillation.

Here's a new one.
Researchers described a prototype blood pressure sensor that can be incorporated into a smartphone, and requires only the press of a fingertip. The convenient device could encourage people to check their blood pressure more often, allowing them to catch hypertension—persistently high blood pressure—sooner.
I think it can be said that these innovations are pointing to a new era in healthcare, one in which we monitor our health automatically and report to our doctor automatically when something is amiss.

Her's a video on the BP app.

Another thing to think about: I read this article for free, downloaded the video for free, embedded it in this blog post on a blogging platform that is free, and you can read this post on your smartphone and show it to your doctor and say, "I want one of these when it's available." Better yet, you can email this post to your doctor. 

It's a different world.

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