Monday, March 26, 2018

Let's celebrate human achievement

Looks as though I missed it -- Human Achievement Hour -- a replacement for Earth Hour. It was on Saturday. Darn.

However you spend the hour, the sponsors say, please remember that human ingenuity, affordable energy, and the freedom to create and innovate are making life better for billions of people around the world every day—from life expectancy and disease treatment to literacy rates and increased employment. Throwing up barriers and restrictions that slow down these improvements have real costs, especially for the poor and most vulnerable among us.

During Human Achievement Hour, will you be:
  • Checking social media from your smartphone?
  • Watching your favorite TV show or movie thanks to satellite technology?
  • Participating in the craft brewing revolution with a cold drink?
  • Facetiming or Skyping with far-off friends and family?
  • Traveling home from a night out with a rideshare driver?
  • Relaxing at home with plenty of food, heat, and hot water for your family?
Here is one of many contributions to the list. Follow the Competitive Enterprise Institute's list at @ceidotorg and hashtag #hah2018 on Twitter.

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