Thursday, February 15, 2018

Let's pretend those 17 people didn't exist

Doesn't exist.
I've written before that their communities knew about the crazed killers in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, and Sutherland, Texas.

It's happened again, hasn't it?

The school, the teachers and the students knew about Nikolas Cruz. And here. And here.
Even the FBI knew for crying out loud. In September, a YouTube user named Nikolas Cruz left a comment on a video stating, "I'm going to be a professional school shooter." The video's creator alerted both the FBI and YouTube.

Nobody did anything. The FBI was too busy going after The Donald. And the school was too busy being politically correct.
One of the nation’s largest school districts has reached an agreement with law enforcement agencies and the NAACP to reduce the number of students being charged with crimes for minor offenses. The agreement with Broward County Public Schools in Florida is one of the first comprehensive plans bringing together district officials, police and the state attorney’s office to create an alternative to the zero-tolerance policies prevalent in many schools.
Broward  County was just jumping on the Trayvon Martin bandwagon.
It was our initial FOIA requests to the Miami Dade School Police Department which revealed the secret discipline and diversionary program Trayvon Martin was granted to avoid a criminal record.

Specifically Trayvon Martin’s criminal conduct was hidden behind school discipline. Stolen jewelry was recorded as random ‘found items’ (the jewelry just intentionally placed in storage with no investigation), his possession of marijuana was similarly obfuscated, and all of the incident reports were intentionally falsified by officials and School Resource Officer, Daryl Dunn, to avoid the Criminal Justice system.
Here's a plan: Broward County pretended that Nikolas Cruz didn't exist. Let's pretend that the 17 people he murdered didn't exist.

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