Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Did you know your smart phone can do this?

I am fascinated with the many uses we are discovering for smart phones. They are revolutionizing medicine.

The latest I've come across is a 3D printable 'clip-on' that can turn any smartphone into a fully functional microscope.

The microscope is powerful enough to visualise specimens as small as 1/200th of a millimetre, including microscopic organisms, animal and plant cells, blood cells, cell nuclei and more. It requires no external power or light source to work yet offers high-powered microscopic performance in a robust and mobile handheld package.

And the researchers are making the technology freely available, sharing the 3D printing files publicly so anyone – from scientists to the scientifically curious – can turn their own smartphones into microscopes.

The clip-on can be 3D printed, making the device accessible to anyone with basic 3D printing capabilities.

Innovations such as this take healthcare out of the clinic and into the real world.

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