Tuesday, January 02, 2018

It's still refreshing to be proud of our country again

A month ago I posted on Facebook a video of the Army and Navy choruses singing the national anthem at the Army-Navy football game. I called it "refreshing."

I was roasted for being racist. Or something.

So today I proudly post about the Rose Bowl game on New Year's Day, an incredible game decided only in the last moments. However, I missed the opening, so I'll relive it here.

Here's the headline in the Daily Mail:

Incredible scenes at the Rose Bowl after stirring National Anthem led by US Army forces and a B2 bomber flying over left the packed stadium roaring with applause

  • US Army Chorus performed the National Anthem at the Rose Bowl on Monday
  • A B2 Bomber flew over the cheering crowd before the game between Oklahoma and Georgia officially kicked off
  • Anthem performance was widely praised on social media with many saying the rendition by US forces left them with goosebumps

It's sad that we have to learn about this from a British newspaper.

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