Thursday, January 04, 2018

If your baby has colic

The good stuff.
You'll be pleased to know that a new study provides the most comprehensive evidence yet that a probiotic called Lactobacillus reuteri, which is already sold as relief for babies with colic, is actually an effective treatment.
Previous studies had questioned the effectiveness of the probiotic. But the new finding is based on a review of four separate clinical trials involving 345 infants with colic in total, and this big picture view indicates that, for breastfed babies at least, L. reuteri can work.
Here's an example of previous reporting that this doesn't work.

The study suggests that the probiotic is effective for babies with colic who are exclusively breastfed. As for formula-fed babies, the results aren't so certain – primarily because of a lack of data on formula-fed infants in the study, since only one of the four clinical trials included formula-fed infants in addition to breastfed babies.

Here's the original study. Show it to your pediatrician. Ask him or her how to get a good quality supplement. I don't know if this stuff is prescribed, but work through your doctor and not your neighborhood CVS.

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