Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The NFL by the numbers

200 -- number of NFL players who protested during the national anthem this past Sunday

465,000 -- in dollars, starting annual salary of NFL recruit

1.9 million -- in dollars, average NFL player salary, excluding fringe benefits

26,000 -- in dollars, starting annual salary of new Army recruit

28 -- number of NFL players arrested in 2016

33 -- number of NFL players arrested so far in 2017

18 -- number of billionaires among NFL team owners

2.3 billion -- in dollars, average value of an NFL franchise

14 billion -- in dollars, NFL revenues per year

1 billion -- in dollars, NFL profits in one year

34.1 million -- in dollars, NFL commissioner's salary in 2014

1.1 billion -- in dollars, amount of federal subsidies to NFL stadiums

7 billion -- amount in dollars taxpayers have spent in the past 20 years on NFL stadiums

1.2 billion -- dollars Anheuser-Busch paid the NFL for marketing rights for 2011-2017

1.4 billion -- additional dollars A-B paid to extend it into 2022

150 -- dollars it costs to buy on eBay a set of beer cans featuring each NFL team

150 -- dollars DirecTV charges for its premium NFL package, which it says it will refund to those offended by players taking a knee during the national anthem

1.5 billion -- amount in dollars DirecTV pays the NFL for licensing rights

2.5 billion -- TV network earnings from NFL football advertising

12 -- percentage decline in viewership of NFL games in week one

200 million -- in dollars, decline in TV ad revenue due to ratings decline

503 -- average amount in dollars it costs a family of four to attend an NFL game in 2016

685 -- amount in dollars it cost a family of four to attend a Chicago Bears game in 2016

64 -- percent of Americans who agree with President Trump on the kneeling players

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