Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Donald deploys his hatchet man

Many Americans, particularly on the left, think they are smarter than The Donald, and because they read the Washington Post they think the White House is a chaotic mess.

I like to explain The Donald's actions to annoy my liberal friends and reassure my conservative friends. The bottom line is that he actually knows what he's doing. You don't get to be a billionaire and get elected president by being stupid.

So what about all the personnel changes in the White House. Writing in The Jerusalem Post, Nurit Greenger explains.
Apparently, Liberals and never-Trumpers are so isolated in their political circles that they have no concept how things work in the real world of business and corporate America. For example, they completely fail to grasp the concept of the "hatchet man."
Say you are a business tycoon. You just successfully completed a large-scale acquisition and merger, bringing together multiple smaller companies into one conglomerate. After the merger, you want to put your own people in charge of everything. However, all those smaller companies had their own executives - and, at least for the short term - you need to keep many of them around the keep things running and the blending progresses. So, you keep many of those executives around, letting them retain their own senior staff. You even appoint one of them - the head of the largest of the companies you acquired - to be the CEO of the conglomerate [think Reince Priebus], and he pledges to get all the departments working together harmoniously. 
After a well-oiled transition period, some of them are doing fine in the new conglomerate, while others are clearly causing trouble. 
In fact, the one you appointed CEO, is clearly a disaster. And the newly merged departments are working against each other. Furthermore, you have good suspicion he is dealing in insider trading - nothing you can take to a prosecutor, but there is a lot of circumstantial evidence building up. Worse, he is not only doing his own dirty dealing, but it appears he may even be leaking intellectual property to your competitors, helping them take market share from you. 
Clearly, your appointed CEO has to go - and go now.
The problem is, many of the senior employees in your conglomerate are loyal to him. If you just fire him and put in your own chosen CEO, you know you could get a lot of backlash from disgruntled employees. Knowing that in your business there is such a small profit-margin, you really can't afford anything at all that threatens performance. So, what do you do? 
In comes the hatchet man.
The hatchet man is someone you bring in for sole purpose of slashing the problems and shaking things up over a very short period of time - but doing so in such a way that deflects any blame or blowback away from you. As soon as the problems are hacked away, the hatchet man leaves - taking the ire and resentment with him, leaving you free to bring in your new team for a fresh start. 
This is what happens all the time in the business world. And Donald Trump is a businessman. He knows how this works. He has lived this time and time again. We've seen him do it on "The Apprentice." We've read about it in his books. This should not be a surprise to anyone. Except for liberals and never-Trumpers who live in their own bubble. 
Here enters Anthony Scaramucci.
There's a lot more to Greenger's analysis, and I encourage you to read all of it.

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