Thursday, September 14, 2017

So who's putting opioids in their mouths?

Your body could end up here.
There were so many deaths from accidental overdoses of narcotics in Montgomery County, Ohio, last year that the coroner had to use refrigerator trucks to store bodies.

The epidemic is real, and it's everywhere. I think big pharma and doctors carry a lot of responsibility. But so do people who are abusing opioids and heroin. In the end, they are the ones putting this stuff in their bodies.

If we look only to the pharmaceutical executives and doctors, we demean these overdosers as children who can't help themselves.

In Ohio's Butler County, Sheriff Richard K. Jones says his deputies won’t carry Narcan, a drug that can almost miraculously reverse overdoses of heroin and opiate pain medications that might otherwise be fatal.
At nearly $40 a dose, the drug (known generically as naloxone) is too expensive to keep using on the same drug abusers, Jones says. “All we’re doing is reviving them. We’re not curing them. One person we know has been revived 20 separate times,” he told NBC. It’s “sucking the taxpayers dry.”
Daniel Lee writes:
The scourge of opiate addiction has hit particularly hard here in the Midwest, where we like to think of ourselves as industrious and sober. People who would never have imagined themselves seeking out a drug pusher find themselves returning to their doctors again and
Overdose in Colerain Township, Ohio.
again to maintain their access to their drug of choice. When the supply dries up, some turn to the illegal, expensive, but readily available alternative, heroin.
Ironically—and significantly—we were started down this path by well-meaning doctors who thought they were helping. Just as the devil can quote scripture for his purposes, it seems he can also turn our best intentions to his own ends.
A solution will involve many approaches, but one we can't overlook is acknowledging the responsibility of those who have gotten trapped in this system. As we help them, they need to also help themselves.

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