Thursday, September 07, 2017

Please just tell me what time it is

Enjoy your walk?
I have a smartwatch that somehow knows that I've started my daily walk. Midway through, it tells me I'm doing a good job. When I get home it congratulates me on a good walk.

I'm sure this information is being transmitted to a mainframe at Samsung world headquarters, which communicates it to a mainframe at the NSA, which types out a report for The Donald.

Now I read this headline: "The smartwatch able to learn your every move."
Scientists are building a smartwatch that detects and “understands” its wearer’s movements without being told what to look for.

It means forgetting to take wet clothes out of the washing machine or being late for the school run will become problems of the past as the new algorithm steps in to remind users based on their previous activity. 
The new machine learning approach promises to teach itself to detect activities as they happen, including more complicated undertakings such as brushing teeth or peeling vegetables.
Do you peel vegetables when you brush your teeth? I don't. If it assumes I peel vegetables, a smartwatch really doesn't understand me.

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