Thursday, September 21, 2017

I see what you're doing there

"Marxist intellectuals recognized in the 1920s that violent revolution was not catching on as their original theory had predicted. Religious commitment, national identity, traditional families, and other beliefs and customs of the West’s Judeo-Christian culture presented barriers to the Marxist program of total governmental control.

"Those Marxist intellectuals developed Critical Theory – the relentless assault on every aspect of Judeo-Christian culture – as their primary weapon in tearing down the cultural foundations of liberty. The goal of Critical Theory was to create doubt and guilt about our American way of life so as to weaken our resistance to the radical left’s agenda. If Americans could be made to see America as inherently flawed and unworthy of defending, then resistance to the Marxist program would weaken.

"The cultural Marxists pushed political correctness as a means of monitoring and stifling even the slightest deviation from the left’s dictates. Getting people accustomed to control and submission was the real goal, not societal improvement. The left’s privilege offensive is just the latest face of that assault, and the goal has not changed."

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