Friday, September 29, 2017

Going Mad: What do we call it now?

At some point we quit talking about "global warming" and started fretting over "climate change." That's because the hysterics could not longer ignore the evidence that the Earth was not, in fact, getting warmer.

You can find all kinds of justifications among the hysterics, including this fun one from NASA.
For most of the 1970s ... "inadvertent climate modification," while clunky and dull, was an accurate reflection of the state of knowledge. 
In place of inadvertent climate modification, Jule Charney of MIT used "global warming." When discussing the many other changes that would be induced by increasing carbon dioxide, Charney used "climate change." 
During the late 1980s one more term entered the lexicon, “global change.”
Then there's this: According to a climate scientist at Argonne National Laboratory who says it's time to replace the term climate change, itself a replacement for global warming, with a new term: climate disruption.

Now the leading alarmists are admitting that, well, it just ain't so. So we'll have to call it something else. I'm at a loss, so I'm calling on my readers to come up with something.

I'm going to suggest "weather." Try to beat it.

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