Monday, July 17, 2017

Why the visceral hatred of President Trump

The establishment on both sides of the aisle hates The Donald for any number of reasons, but the main one is his stance toward Islam, David P. Goldman writes.
It's always been about Islam--the camel in the living room, to coin a phrase. One and a quarter billion people, roughly a fifth of the world's population, cannot make the leap from tribal society into the modern world. Their anguish and rage is a source of continuous instability and an occasional threat to the security of Western countries.

Western leaders from George W. Bush to Pope Francis I struggled to avoid a clash of civilizations, praising Islam as a religion of peace. Trump, by contrast, told Muslim leaders in Saudi Arabia on May 21 that the onus was on them to extirpate terrorists from their countries and mosques. Trump isn't seeking civilizational war. He's giving Muslim leaders fair warning and a chance to avoid it.

That is what the whole kerfuffle is about. The Democrats' notion of intersectional victimization includes Muslims as victims of Western colonialism and "people of color" (never mind that Islam launched the bloodiest wars of conquest of which we have records and created the African slave trade). 
The Republican Establishment and their neo-con punditeska view the Muslim world as a giant laboratory for the export of democracy. The CIA and the rest of the Deep State made a good living selling arms from the stockpile of the late Col Qaddafi (whom the U.S. helped overthrow in 2011) to "moderate Syrian rebels" -- directly or indirectly abetting the rise of ISIS, as Gen. Mike Flynn warned in a now-celebrated 2012 Defense Intelligence Agency memo. The Europeans want a long-term accommodation with Islam as they drift slowly into demographic oblivion.

That's why the Democrats, the Establishment Republicans, and the Europeans hate him so much. There are lots of little issues that annoy the Europeans. But that's not what evokes gut-hatred of the president of the United States among the European elites. They made a commitment to coexistence with Islam, and Trump pulled the plug on it. Among other things, the Democrats as well as the Europeans were determined to force Israel into a supposed peace deal that would create yet another terror state on Israel's borders. Trump has ruled that out.
Two things stand out for me:

  1. " ... cannot make the leap from tribal society into the modern world. Their anguish and rage ... "
  2. "The Democrats' notion of intersectional victimization includes Muslims as victims of Western colonialism and 'people of color' ... "
This explains it all for me.

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