Saturday, July 22, 2017

The gang that's shooting straight at The Donald

Mueller and Kerry.
The establishment has hired one of its own to take out the anti-establishment interloper.

The hired gun is one Robert Swan Mueller III, the son of a DuPont executive, who assumes his role by way of St. Paul's, a Waspy New England prep school where he was John Kerry's lacrosse captain, and where fees today are $60,000 a year.

What kind of name is "Swan?"

His target, Donald Trump, grew up in Queens and went to military school. But who's counting?

It has been noted that Mueller's team consists of Hillary Clinton supporters and donors. Moreover, Mueller's law firm made 99.81% of its presidential campaign contributions to Hillary Clinton.

Mueller was hired to get Trump by Rod Jay Rosenstein, who doesn't have quite the pedigree but did attend The Wharton School and Harvard Law School. He's been around.

All this picked up steam after James Brien Comey Jr., who is pathologically tall, was fired as FBI director by President Trump. He graduated from the College of William and Mary and the University of Chicago Law School, so he's been banging his head on doorways around time for some time.

Get this: Little Jimmy Comey is writing a book! According to his favorite newspaper:
The book will be an exploration of the principles that have guided Mr. Comey through some of the most challenging moments of his legal career. Says his agent: “It’s a book about leadership and his search for truth."
The photo shows Obama's CIA director and Robert Swan Mueller III as Comey tells them what his agent is saying about the book.
John Brennan, Mueller, Comey. A laugh riot.
The only way the establishment could hire Mueller was to get Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III out of the way. Jeff went to Huntington College in Alabama and the University of Alabama Law School. Trailer park. Not part of the clique.

To get him out of the way, career Justice Department lawyers told him he had to do it. I assume they were Obama holdovers, since the Democrats have been delaying Trump appointments.

Everyone knew the fix was in. Comey said publicly that he knew Sessions would recuse himself. So he was whispering with those "career" lawyers.

Here are some problems every one is conveniently overlooking. Mueller and Comey are big pals. Rosenstein is hopeless conflicted. Sessions recused himself. It was rumored that Rosenstein might, but he hasn't of course. Mueller should, but he won't, of course. He has a job to do. He knows his duty to his kind.

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