Wednesday, July 12, 2017

No judgments? Is that really that cool?

"It is little wonder that Christian Fundamentalism is so deeply reviled in a knee-jerk reaction among the secular elite. Every aspect of Fundamentalism denounces and reveals the shabby nature of the Transcendent religion of the self that the elite has worshiped for decades. 

"Chief among these is the “No Judgments” aspect of secular religion — moral relativism — “No judgments” is a habit of mind that rose out of the widespread abuse of hallucinogenic drugs in the late 60s through the 70s — “Who am I to judge?” was a common intellectual hallucination brought on by the tendency of the mystery molecule to reduce the senses to one rolling undifferentiated wave. 

"Agreement on the fact that there could be no real agreement was an easy agreement to reach. It then, over the years, grew into the philosophies and polices and laws that celebrated an endless and debilitating worship of American diversity over American unity. Fundamentalism in its time took hold of this weak assertion and judged it as gravely wanting."

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