Thursday, July 13, 2017

Don't forget to eat your strawberries

It's what's for breakfast.
A natural compound in strawberries reduces cognitive deficits and inflammation associated with aging in mice. Researchers previously found that the antioxidant fisetin could help treat age-related mental decline and conditions like Alzheimer's or stroke.

Mice not treated with fisetin had difficulties with all the cognitive tests as well as elevated markers of stress and inflammation. Brain cells called astrocytes and microglia, which are normally anti-inflammatory, were now driving rampant inflammation. Mice treated with fisetin, on the other hand, were not noticeably different in behavior, cognitive ability or inflammatory markers at 10 months than a group of untreated 3-month-old mice with the same condition. Additionally, the team found no evidence of acute toxicity in the fisetin-treated mice, even at high doses of the compound.

"Mice are not people, of course," says Pamela Maher, a senior staff scientist in Salk's Cellular Neurobiology Laboratory.

Hey, don't tell them that.

So let's add strawberries to coffee and chocolate. And don't forget the blueberries. You'll live forever.

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