Monday, July 03, 2017

Choose: Body slamming or stabbing and beheading

President Donald Trump is a junkyard dog. Raised in New York City, he spent his entire working life dealing with N.Y. politics, graft, regulations, backstabbing, and aggressiveness. A true junkyard. It's not the lunch room at Bergdorf Goodman on Fifth Avenue; it's the trenches of political warfare and bureaucracy of building hotels and managing real estate. ~ Brian C. Joondeph

"As you may know by now, when you attack him he will punch back 10 times harder. No matter who you are, a man or a woman, he treats everyone equal." ~ First Lady Melania Trump

I don't know who created the video of Trump body slamming CNN, but it's hilarious. Whoever did it should stand up and take a bow.

How did all of this get started? Tucker Carlson has compiled what CNN has been saying about President Trump. You really should watch this.

By the way, did you notice how poised, intelligent and attractive Ivanka is? She's a liberal from Manhattan, for crying out loud. You'd think the media would love her. You would be wrong.
Why is there suddenly so much media hostility toward Ivanka Trump? NBC’s Hallie Jackson asked her how she feels about being called an “accomplice” to her father. We’re seeing headlines like this one in the liberal Huffington Post: “Trump’s White House Family Affair Looks A Lot Like The Most Corrupt Nations In The World.” CNN commentator and former Ted Cruz aide Amanda Carpenter said that “when I see Ivanka taking on this role, I really see her becoming like Hillary Clinton in the worst ways. She’s sort of becoming increasingly unlikable. She’s trying to get these jobs she’s not qualified for based on family connections.”
CNN has been at this for quite a while. Before The Donald was even inaugurated, it speculated about what would happen should someone kill Trump before he took the oath.
CNN aired a report explaining how through Obama’s line of succession, which is in place until Trump takes the oath to be President, an Obama appointee would be the next President should Donald Trump be killed during the inauguration ceremony.
From The Daily Mail:
Outrage at 'traitorous' CNN for 'inciting violence' with report that OBAMA cabinet member will be president if Trump and Pence are killed at the inauguration
  • CNN speculated about what would happen if Trump was killed in inauguration
  • It reported that an Obama-selected secretary would be sworn in as president
  • They also showed scenes from a new TV show that depicts a Capitol bombing
  • Furious viewers said report would 'incite violence' against the president-elect
  • Some even speculated that CNN was hoping that someone would kill Trump
  • Obama's choice of survivor follows pre-existing protocol in event of major attack
Watch CNN licking its lips:

TimeWarner owns CNN. Jeff Bewkes is chairman of the board. If you want to drop him a note, I've found two email addresses: and If you prefer to call, try 212-484-8000. His paper mail address is: One Time Warner Center, New York, NY, 10019.

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