Friday, July 14, 2017

A plan to make you cyber safe

If you're like me you realize that you are vulnerable to hacking, and so you fiddle around here and there with passwords and hope for the best.

There's a better way. Here from the Electronic Frontier Foundation is a systematic plan to assess your risks and address them.
To determine what solutions will be best for you, you should conduct a threat modeling assessment.
Here are five questions to ask:
  1. What do you want to protect?
  2. Who do you want to protect it from?
  3. How likely is it that you will need to protect it?
  4. How bad are the consequences if you fail?
  5. How much trouble are you willing to go through in order to try to prevent those?
What to do:
  1. Write down a list of data that you keep, where it’s kept, who has access to it, and what stops others from accessing it.
  2. Make a list of who might want to get your data or communications. It might be an individual, a government agency or a corporation.
  3. Write down what your adversary might want to do with your private data. 
Distinguish between threats and risks. While a threat is a bad thing that can happen, risk is the likelihood that the threat will occur. While your mobile phone provider has the capability to access all of your data, the risk of them posting your private data online to harm your reputation is low.

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