Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Who's pushing grandma over the cliff?

I was at the dentist this morning, and in the next room were two boys whose cries and screams suggested that one or both were actually dying as their teeth were being cleaned.

My dentist joked that it was the morning's "entertainment." It reminded me of the Democrats entertaining wailing about the Republicans' healthcare plan.
  • “If this legislation was to pass, and if millions of people — many of whom are terribly ill today — were to lose the health care that they have, there is no question that many, many thousands of our fellow Americans could die unnecessarily.” ~ Bernie Sanders
  • “If there’s a chance you might get sick, get old or start a family, this bill will do you harm.” ~ Barack "You Can Keep Your Plan" Obama.
  • “Forget death panels. If Republicans pass this bill, they’re the death party.” ~ Hillary Clinton, 
  • "This bill is a humanitarian catastrophe waiting to happen. My god, why would you choose to do this to your country?" ~ Senator Chris Murphy
You get the gist: They are spoiled boys and girls having their teeth cleaned. Listen to me: Just. Shut. Up.

Here's some reality from the Centers for Disease Control.

Mortality is rising. "External causes" in the chart means deaths not caused by drugs, alcohol, assault, suicide, and accidents—in short, anything that is not due to an internal illness, Don Surber writes. Note that this chart therefore excludes deaths caused by opioids, a death rate that climbed sharply beginning in 2014. (Source)

Why the increase? Because, simply, Obamacare does not provide people with health care, it compels them to pay for very high-cost health insurance featuring extremely high deductibles, which of course Obamacare does not pay for.
John Nolte explains seven reasons that almost certainly lie underneath the increasing numbers of people dying under Obamacare
1. Millions lost their doctor.

2. Outrageous deductibles.

3. Increased costs [of actual medical care]. 
4. No change in emergency room visits. Yet another lie told by Obama and his media was that ObamaCare would decrease emergency room visits. Nope. We were assured and reassured that insuring the uninsured would make them stop over-burdening emergency rooms for things like the flu or a cough. Nope. We were assured and reassured that insuring the uninsured would save lives because people wouldn't wait until they were so sick they had no other choice but seek emergency care. Nope
5. Fewer doctors and hospitals available to ObamaCare recipients.

6. Some ObamaCare plans offer no in-network doctors that specialize in crucial services. 
7. Thanks to sky-high premiums and towering deductibles, people now have LESS money to pay for health care.
Everything is upside down in our media-drenched society.

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