Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Three new threats to your child

Dr. Karl Neumann.
It's a bizarro world out there

Don't let children be children. Prepare yourself for the ultimate in stupid advice. Don’t put your kid in a floral-patterned outfit because he might get stung by a bee. That’s paraphrasing a warning published by Parents magazine, your trusted reliable source for vital information on the do’s and don’ts of parenting in the paranoid 21st century.

Dr. Karl Neumann of the American Academy of Pediatrics, uses his blog to detail precisely how children should and shouldn’t play in the sand. Yet another Parents magazine masterpiece warns that to keep children safe at the playground, you should “walk away if you see cement, asphalt, dirt, or grass: These surfaces are linked to head injuries.”

These propagandists explain our college students today.

School teachers are no longer your friends. Teachers are now performing monthly mental health exams on your child. On paper it reads like a not-so-vague attempt to socially engineer your child’s behavior. In reality, teacher-led mental health assessments coming to a growing number of public schools are a bureaucratic nightmare. One that will no doubt further clog our nation’s public education system with increased paperwork and administrative costs while putting your child's future at serious risk.

Read the whole thing to understand this risk.

A doll straight out of 1984. An emotion-reading doll was a project by researchers who wanted to show not only that dolls could recognize emotions, but also that they could do so without having to do any processing in the cloud. (Previous dolls had raised privacy concerns because they were relaying conversations that children had with them to a central database.) These new dolls might make parents uncomfortable anyway. As project leader Oscar Deniz explained, “In the near future, we will see a myriad of eyes everywhere that will not just be watching us, but trying to help us.”

We would want this why?

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