Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The coup attempt against The Donald

Who's the tallest?
A friend in Washington tells me that's what's going on, and it's hard to not think so.

James Comey, contrary to law and probity, leaked official documents with the aim of getting a special prosecutor appointed to investigated The Donald. We know that because he said so.

A guy named Rod Rosenstein, who found himself in the deputy attorney general's chair, took it upon himself to appoint former FBI Director Robert Mueller as the special prosector. Comey and Mueller are longtime friends.

Byron York:
Should a prosecutor pursue a case in which the star witness is a close friend? And when the friend is not only a witness but also arguably a victim — of firing — by the target of the investigation? And when the prosecutor might also be called on to investigate some of his friend's actions? The case would be difficult enough even without the complicating friendship.
York queried five experienced lawyers in Washington. One, on the Hill, said:
It's somewhat ironic, no? I mean, the whole purpose of the special counsel is to have a prosecutor from outside the government and outside of the normal chain of command because inherent conflicts render the Justice Department incapable of handling it. So, now the special counsel is a close friend (mentor/mentee relationship) with the star witness, who by his own admission leaked the memos at least in part to engineer the appointment of a special counsel. Only in Washington. You can't make this stuff up.
Look at the people Mueller is hiring.
Four top lawyers hired by Mueller have contributed tens of thousands of dollars over the years to the Democratic Party and Democratic candidates, including former President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump's 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton. 
One of the hires, Jeannie Rhee, also worked as a lawyer for the Clinton Foundation and helped persuade a federal judge to block a conservative activist's attempts to force Bill and Hillary Clinton to answer questions under oath about operations of the family-run charity.
What does this look like to you?

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