Friday, May 05, 2017

Will the cops let you go faster than the speed limit?

Kids, don't try this at home.
Technically they can get you for being one mile per hour over, but in practice they don't. For some reason MIT tracks this stuff:
Some states have laws providing that points are not assessed for minor speeding. On freeways in the daytime the tolerance is 5 MPH in Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, North Dakota, and Wyoming; 10 MPH in Kansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Montana, and West Virginia; and 15 MPH in Georgia. 
South Dakota doesn't assess points for speeding. Minnesota (171.12(6)) and Arizona do not have points for speeding in some 55 zones. Ohio law prohibit points for speeding 10 miles per hour or less over a limit of 55 or higher, or 5 miles per hour or less over a speed limit below 55. Connecticut doesn't assess points for speeding less than 85 MPH if one pleads guilty by mail, but may revoke a license based on multiple convictions or guilty pleas notwithstanding the point total. Nevada doesn't assess points for speeding 5 or less over a 60-70 MPH limit in the daytime and outside of a county with a population greater than 100,000. New Mexico doesn't assess points for speeding 75 or less outside a residential zone, for speeding 5 or less over any limit, or for speeding in rural areas. 
Except in a work zone or school zone Pennsylvania doesn't allow radar or laser tickets for less than 6 over the limit (or less than 11 over a limit less than 55 MPH), and only State Police can use radar or laser. Except by the State Patrol, radar and VASCAR can't be used in Georgia to write a ticket for 10 or less over the limit outside a residential area or school zone. Minnesota, Montana, Washington,and Wyoming allow drivers to exceed the speed limit while passing on two lane roads.
The Federal Highway Administration recommends that police tolerance never be less than 5 MPH. See 66 FR 29855 (``setting and enforcing rational speed limits''). Some other state laws related to speed traps are available on the site.

You have to be careful for jurisdictions that use speeding tickets to raise revenue.
In 2010, auditors discovered that Randolph, Missouri, generated 75% to 83% of its budget from traffic tickets. The tiny town of around 50 residents, which is located near several casinos, employed two full-time and eight part-time police officers, turning it into a speed trap poster child.
This isn't an exact science.
Wherever you’re driving, your car’s speedometer likely isn’t perfectly accurate, even if you’re just driving it off the lot brand new with properly inflated stock tires. Manufacturers calibrate the speedometer to the stock tires with new tread and properly inflated. As the tire changes size for various reasons, the speedometer will be slightly off, with variations generally within the range of plus or minus 10%, though if you choose to buy replacement tires with a different size than the factory tires, your speedometer may be off by even more, making the unofficial speed buffer given by police particularly useful.
You might go ahead and try explaining that to the 6'8" state trooper behind those aviators.

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