Friday, May 19, 2017

Today's chicken post: chickens have daily routines

Research indicates that each chicken in a flock has a routine, says chicken scientist Michael Toscano.

"Each bird is different," he says, "and they appear to be consistently different."

For the life of me I can't imagine why he would want to lie about that.
Like you and me, each chicken seems to have its own daily schedule, and it sticks to it almost like clockwork. Toscano wants to learn more about these patterns, to try to tease out the factors that encourage healthy behaviors in laying hens. That could help egg producers as well as the chickens themselves.
Here's how he does it: Infrared beams in different zones of the aviary—say, feeding areas versus the perches where the birds sleep—are encoded with different signals. When a beam hits a receiver on the chicken’s ankle, it tells the tracker which zone the chicken is in, and at what time. The data get recorded on the ankle-worn device, and the researchers download it every 10 days or so. As you can see, this is real science:
You need charts for it to be real science. This guy has charts.

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