Thursday, May 18, 2017

They've poisoned the well

Don't drink the water.
Joel D. Hirst, a novelist and a playwright, observes:
The media, the elites, the entitled – joined by the managers in our managerial oligarchy – those who lost a periodic election have embarked upon a strategy of annihilation. It seems that they would embrace national failure, even if it means their own destruction. Their weapon of choice? Poison. Poisoning the well is “a rhetorical technique and logical fallacy that uses the association of negative emotions to distract a subject from actual evidence in an argument. Poisoning the well is an appeal to hate.”
Why the bitterness, the hate? I return to the article “The Urban Archipelago”, the ‘progressive’ manifesto. “We no longer have to concern ourselves with the survival of the family farm, nor do we have to concern ourselves with saving fragile suburban economies from collapse. They’re against us; we’re against them. This is a war. An appeal to hate, if there ever was one. Lies, because they require no nuance, no understanding – no feeling, only action.
 Skim the article he references. You'll understand what you're seeing nightly in the news.

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