Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Please read to your children

Babies improve their vocabularies and literacy skills when you read to them. Duh.

Sharing books with kids improves their reading comprehension. Just having books in your house seems to help. Families who own 100 books have kids with reading capabilities 1.5 grades ahead of their peers. More books seems to help—owning 500 books puts you about 2.2 years ahead.

New research presented at the Pediatric American Societies Meeting last week showed that even babies benefit. Sharing a book with your infant might seem futile when they’re drooling all over the cardboard pages, but it will pay off when they start school.
Pediatric development researchers looked at the quality and quantity of books shared with kids age six months through 4.5 years to see whether reading more high quality books improved their language abilities later. And, as you’ve probably guessed, it does. In fact, it improves early vocabulary understanding and use, helps infants interpret sounds as words, and gets kids to read on their own sooner. All of those advances add up once they hit school age and need to understand their class assignments.
To get them started, and to help them understand that the world into which they were born is essentially crazy, you should read them this blog every day.

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