Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Don't believe everything you read

Charlie Martin writes:
However suspicious of Trump I might be, I've gotten to be even more suspicious of anonymously sourced stories about Trump from the Washington Post, the New York Times, and frankly, from all of the legacy media. 
Why? Because they've proven to be untrustworthy. T. Becket Adams at the Washington Examiner started a comprehensive list in February, promising to keep updating the list -- after February 18 he stopped and I don't blame him. He probably threw up his hands in disgust. Mollie Hemingway at The Federalist has her own list (and some useful hints about any WaPo Trump story). 
Circa, a new website I heartily recommend, ran a story on May 12 documenting stories (I started to say "all the stories" but actually I wouldn't want to bet on that) of all the things the legacy media has reported about Trump that were wrong.
What you hear are the howls of legacy newspapers slowly going out of business.
“If the next three years look like the last three years, I think we’re going to look at the 50 largest metropolitan papers in the country and expect somewhere between a third to a half of them to go out of business,” said Mele, who was named in 2016 as the Wallis Annenberg Chair in Journalism at the USC Annenberg School of Journalism.
Let 'em go.

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