Wednesday, May 03, 2017

A philosopher speaks out on The Donald

Dr. Daniel Bonevac.
Professor Daniel Bonevac of the University of Texas at Austin works in the philosophy department, and has written several books on logic, ethics, and metaphysics. He has become rather noteworthy for speaking out in his support of Donald Trump. Trump won him over for two reasons in particular.
One is that I think he correctly identified the dangers of a globalist attitude that threatened to overturn the interests of the United States – as well as, I think, Britain and Western Europe and, in general, what I consider the beacons of freedom and human rights in the world. 
One way to put it crudely is that if you thought of the entire world’s population as voting on something, you wouldn’t like the outcome, because most people don’t live in English-speaking countries with our traditions of law and rights. It’s not that there’s something magical about English, it’s just that that sort of political tradition spread to certain countries, and the interests of those countries are pretty important to protect – partly because they are the world’s interests.

Woodrow Wilson and other progressives created this monstrous bureaucracy of Washington, which has increasing control over people’s lives without any accountability. Someone in the  Environmental Protection Agency suddenly wants to shut down the coal industry? No one voted for that. There was no act of Congress. This was something issued from that bureaucracy…More and more of our life is controlled by those kinds of things, and Trump was the only candidate who saw that this was the chief political problem in the United States right now.
The unelected bureaucracy is our greatest threat to freedom. The Donald is a bull in the china shop of Washington DC and was the only candidate who wasn't playing the game that perpetuated the administrative state.

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