Thursday, April 27, 2017

Why is The Left so trailer park tawdry?

Alex Caton notes in Politico Magazine:
The last few months have seen expletives ringing from large sections of the Democratic bench. In a magazine profile this month, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) included one “f---,” two “f---ing”s, one “bull---t,” one “pissed off,” one “they suck,” and a “what the hell is going on?" 
DNC Chairman Tom Perez has awkwardly but assuredly brought profanity into his stump speeches, saying in January, “if you don’t have the trust of the community, then you ain’t got s---t,” and telling an event in March that Republicans “don’t give a s---t about people.” In Maine last week, Perez turned to the president’s spending proposals—“They call it a ‘skinny budget.’ I call it a s----y budget.” By Thursday, the shop at was selling “Democrats give a s--t about people” shirts.
Here's what's fun about Caton's article. He blames all this profanity on ... wait for it ... Donald Trump.

I blame it on The Left's very weak arguments, combined with their realization that these arguments are no longer working.

I am a fuddy duddy, of course. I grew up in an era when you didn't talk like this, and if you did you didn't do it in public. It was a sign that you might hail from a trailer park. As a writer I know that four letter words are weak and used by a writer who lacks the vocabulary to summon up something stronger.

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