Thursday, April 20, 2017

We can't agree on what it means to be human

"When spelled out, what we have today in this country is an unbridgeable disagreement about what the family is. Misunderstand the family and all its coherent complexities, what follows is that nothing else will go right. We have no common judgment about the transcendent meaning of our lives. One division maintains, with no real proof, that man has no given nature. 

"Logically and politically, step by step, consequences, that are not accidental, follow. We legalize contraception, then, when that does not work, abortion, euthanasia, fetal experimentation, homosexual marriages and adoptions. We can even decide if we are male or female. A 'family' is configured as we wish it to be. These practices have all become 'rights' under positive law. They are systematically enforced. No criticism of them is allowed, no matter how scientifically or reasonably based it may be.

"The opposition to this development is not simply another opinion. It is a coherent articulation of what it is to be human. The killing of a human fetus as a 'right' is not something that can be negotiated or compromised. It becomes either my way or your way. We cannot really 'agree' to live in peace with it as if it were a minor matter that had nothing to do with what man is. Voluntarist presuppositions suggest that no nature is found in man or the cosmos. Law is whatever the prince or authority say it is. Whatever we want to do we have a right to do it. In such a world, power alone decides. One side, the 'rights' side, does not negotiate. It cannot. 'I will' is not 'I think.' The reason side reaffirms with Socrates that 'it is never right to do wrong.'"

~ Rev. James V. Schall

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