Monday, April 24, 2017

The notion that we ought to go to church

The new church.
"The notion that 'one ought to go to church' is not dead among us. It revives wherever the faith has been rekindled, in its otherworldly ('Ghostly') way. It perishes among those who have made their concessions to the world, and to its “values,” so that the Church exists only for her value in political schemes. 

"Hence the common atheist desire to have some sort of church-like organization, for the pleasure of delivering homilies to a captive audience. Or so they imagine, for as I’ve seen in our own “liberal” parishes, the audience for 'Sandinista sermons' soon disappears; and not even canned Beethoven could hold the loyalty of Unitarians I once knew. In the absence of sincere belief in the practice and presence of Our Lord, playing dress-up starts to feel silly.

"Instead, that irrepressible sense of awe is transferred to, for instance, high-class restaurants, with the candles on the table and the reverent 'servers' chanting, almost liturgically, items from the menu. For the religious impulse will never go away, with its longing for a certain elevation and tone. If not foodie, every man and woman born will find something holy, and be outraged by blasphemies against it. The codes of speech and gesture that now govern our public behaviour are 'spilt religion' of an obvious kind. Those who dare breach them are the new Infidels."

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