Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Heroes: A teenager rescues his infant cousin from a fire

Never underestimate a teenager:
A North Carolina teen is being hailed a hero after he rescued his infant cousin from a burning building.

LJ Gray, a junior at Kinston High School, was outside with family members when his grandmother noticed smoke coming from the home where his cousin was sleeping. 
According to Captain William Barss, the teen ran into the home through the back door into the kitchen and to the adjacent room where his cousin, Michari Strayhorn, was located.

Gray attempted to escape through the back door but the fire and smoke were too intense so he turned and ran to the front door where he managed to make it out safe. 
"As a firefighter were trained with all of the protective equipment that we have, the bunker pants, the coats the hoods, gloves, to go into these fires and were trained to know our limits," Captain Barss told the television station. "And this young man did it with even less than what an average person would be wearing on the street."
The future is looking pretty good.

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