Friday, April 28, 2017

Here's the future of higher education

I'm history.
The traditional college model is dying. Our campuses have become cess pools in which social justice warriors inflict violence for their various causes. Costs have soared as taxpayers foot the bill.

It is no longer necessary to travel to the pretty campus to hear the learned professor. They are mad anyway. Just as telemedicine is creeping into healthcare, so is distance learning disrupting the old college model.

Here's an example of the old model dying: The University of Missouri has announced the closure of three additional undergrad residence halls due to the shortfall in student enrollment following the 2015 race protests. The closures bring the total number of closed residence halls to seven.

Parents just won't pay for this craziness forever.

Here's the future:  Purdue University has announced the creation of a new public university that will further expand access to higher education.
Purdue will acquire Kaplan University and its institutional operations and assets, including its 15 campuses and learning centers, 32,000 students, 3,000 employees, and decades of experience in distance education.

No state appropriations will be utilized. It will operate primarily online, but has 15 locations across the United States.
Kaplan University serves 32,000 online and campus-based students. The University has 15 campuses and learning centers in Iowa, Indiana, Nebraska, Maryland, Maine, Missouri and Wisconsin. KU has been a leading innovator in higher education, including its pioneering role in delivering online degree programs. 

If I were a parent of child headed toward college, I'd seriously look into programs of this kind. Remember: Oxford announced that it is going to open an online course starting next year. Oxford is not alone in this endeavor because other top universities, like Harvard, Stanford, and MIT are also offering online courses.

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