Sunday, March 12, 2017

What we can learn from the monks

The monks of Norcia.
Rod Dreher is a writer and blogger who spent time in a monastery in Norcia, Italy. That experience informs his most recent book, The Benedict Option.

In an interview, Dreher compared the life of the monks with the life in a typical American family today.
We aren’t going to live cloistered behind monastery walls. But we do have to keep a separation between ourselves and the world so that when we do interact with the world we are presenting the face of Christ to believers and non-believers. The monks told me that if they kept their doors wide open in the monastery and people came all the time there would be too much confusion for the monks to actually be formed. 
It is a similar thing in the lives of the laity. If, for example, we have television in our house turned on all the time as so many Christian parents do, or if we give our kids smart phones and internet connections on which they can watch anything they want, including pornography, that is a radical way of opening to the world that completely destroys Christian formation.
A note only of interest to me: Dreher received a BA in journalism from LSU, where I received an MA in journalism a few years after he was born.

The monks in Norcia suffered a devastating earthquake just last year and are rebuilding.

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