Monday, March 13, 2017

The ice houses of Oklahoma Beach

Oklahoma Beach is a neighborhood of Webster, N.Y., and sits right on Lake Ontario. Lake effect snow is a way of life.

The good folk there experienced frigid temperatures and gusting winds last week that pushed crashing waves over a breakwall and onto everything nearby.

Here's what it looked like:
Webster is a suburb of Rochester, N.Y., where local environmentalists fret over global warming deniers and proclaim
In the Rochester NY area (Northeast America), we can reasonably expect some or all of these consequences of Climate Change in our region within the next 50 years or so: 
...higher temperatures and increased heat waves have the potential to increase fatigue of materials in the water, energy, transportation, and telecommunications sectors; affect drinking water supply; cause a greater frequency of summer heat stress on plants and animals; alter pest populations and habits; affect the distribution of key crops such as apples, grapes, cabbage, and potatoes; cause reductions in dairy milk production; increase energy demand; and lead to more heat-related deaths and declines in air quality.
Yikes! Looks as though Mother Nature stepped in just in time!

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