Monday, March 06, 2017

Our betters who would rule us

The historian Victor Davis Hanson takes a look at the elites.
The sometimes undisciplined and loud Trump is certainly not a member of the familiar ruling cadre, which dismisses him as a crude and know-nothing upstart who should never have been elected president. 
But who, exactly, makes up these disgruntled elite classes? 
In California, state planners and legislators focused on things like outlawing plastic grocery bags while California's roads and dams over three decades sank into decrepitude. The result is crumbling infrastructure that now threatens the very safety of the public. 
Powerful Californians with impressive degrees also came up with the loony and neo-Confederate idea of nullifying federal immigration law through sanctuary cities. 
Sophisticated Washington, D.C., economists produced budgets for the last eight years that saw U.S. debt explode from $10 trillion to nearly $19 trillion, as economic growth reached its lowest level since the Hoover administration.

For a year, most expert pundits and pollsters smugly assured the public of a certain Hillary Clinton victory -- until the hour before she was overwhelmed in the Electoral College. 
Rhodes Scholar and former U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice lied repeatedly on national television about the Benghazi debacle. 
From the fabulist former NBC anchorman Brian Williams to the disreputable reporters who turned up in WikiLeaks, there are lots of well-educated, influential and self-assured elites who apparently cannot tell the truth or in dishonest fashion mix journalism and politics.
Geniuses all. They have no clothes on.

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