Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Connecticut: It's a fine state if can afford it

The Barrister, one of the bloggers at Maggie's Farm, which is based in Connecticut, where I'm based, describes what life is like here
How the Blue Model fails. For a century, this conservative Protestant state, the "Land of Steady Habits," was a state of tough Yankee self-reliance and no faith in or expectations from government of any sort. It had no income tax until recent years (damn that Republican jerk Gov. Lowell Weicker who put in the tax and fled the state to avoid his taxes as soon as he was out of office).

Weicker swore that the state income tax would solve all the problems. It was the opposite, with deeper and deeper debt and higher and higher taxes ever since. Did I mention that, since Weicker, the state has been basically bankrupt?

It has been a sad path for the beloved Yankee state of my ancestors: Disgraced Gov. refuses to follow federal law on immigration, half his state wants to leave – but can’t sell their houses.

Under the Blue Model, jobs have fled, manufacturing has fled, the cities are in the ICU and run by various union, ethnic, or other mobsters and predators, and the government unions control the levers of government. Catastrophe. Few remember that in the 1960s Hartford was the most desirable small city in America according to Time magazine. Now it is a dangerous (at night) shithole of degeneracy, dependency, and hugely-expensive and failing government schools.

Pubiic schools in Hartford now cost taxpayers more than fancy private schools.

All the Liberals and Lefties now want to move to red states to survive which I find grimly amusing. Of course, they bring their blue votes with them.

Without the wealth of Fairfield County which is basically a prosperous suburb of NYC, the state wouid now be one of the saddest in the nation. A thin thread of hedge fund taxes barely holds the state together because government has killed the other industries and does its best to kill small businesses. The governor is a pathetic putz, a union hack. A sad story about how the Blue Government illness can kill the goose that laid golden eggs in a lovely New England state.

We stay here despite all the mess. I think it's the same reason people stay in California despite its mess. If you can figure out how to make a living and to minimize your taxes, it's still a fine home.
Yes, it's desperation time for many of us here. People get locked into locations for financial and family reasons and find it hard to up and leave all behind. And so the tin pot marxists can have their way for a while.

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