Monday, February 20, 2017

The Deep State is coming for you

"There's a choice to be made now. The President or the Deep State.

"The Deep State is that collection of influential people in the bureaucracies and intelligence agencies who largely remain in place no matter who wins an election. The power of these people lies, for the most part, in regulation, obstruction and the control of government secrets. A law is passed in Congress by elected officials using constitutional means so that we the people have some say in its contents. But the enforcement of that law through regulation is wholly beyond our reach. 

"If an irresponsible and power-hungry president should decide, say, that a law against sex-based discrimination can suddenly be interpreted to cover people who think they're the sex that they're not, it would give the federal government control even over who uses bathrooms in your child's school. I know that's an extreme example of something that could never happen in real life, but the point remains. And those who attempt to stand in opposition to such abusive regulatory power can find themselves in unarmed battle against the Godzilla of government. Massive fines, the destruction of livelihood and even prison can result in violating a rule that poured straight from the pen of a bureaucrat without ever seeing the light of democracy.

"The left and the news media — but I repeat myself — love the Deep State because it gives power to elites like themselves and strips it from those irritating everyday Americans who have no means to influence the bureaucracy."

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