Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Life beyond those ivy covered walls

Let me out!
You've watched the insanity on campuses for some while. Recently there was a riot at New York University to protest a conservative speaker, for example. It costs $63,472 a year to attend this fine institution.

So if you have a kid headed to college, what are you going to do? Well, the old university model is broken. A hundred years ago, to hear the wise professor meant traveling to a college located out in a field somewhere.

Today, the wise professor can come to you via your computer. Even a wise NYU professor. Or maybe you'd rather enjoy the "professor" of lobster porn out on a protest.

Will employers accept your online degree? Yes.
A degree earned from NYU, University of Michigan, and a number of other schools do not indicate whether it was earned online or on campus. An engineering student who completes her master’s degree online through one of these programs will have the same chances finding a job, getting a raise, or being promoted as she would had she earned her degree on campus. Data from the latest online graduating class at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering show that nearly three quarters received a promotion or a raise after earning their degree, and all of them were employed six months after graduation.
This acceptance will grow in the future.
Employers now are more likely to accept job applicants who’ve had an online education. But there are still some hold outs. “We’re in an era of educational transition,” says Amy Lui Abel, managing director of human capital at The Conference Board, a business consulting firm. “Society has not quite accepted the legitimacy of virtual learning. There is still a lot of suspicion. But over the longer term, when a younger generation fills positions at companies, they will be more receptive, unlike older managers who have little familiarity with digital education.”
If you need the excitement of an actual campus, I suppose you could get up from your computer every now and then and go fire bomb something in your back yard.

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