Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Just the sum of their body parts

"I am still not certain what the Women’s March, which took place over the inaugural weekend, was all about. There was little doubt that they didn’t like Trump but beyond that it appears, based on the rhetoric and signage, that it was solely an exercise in finding as many crude ways as possible to expound on sexual activity and describe female genitalia. Was I supposed to be shocked or embarrassed or moved by all this exercise in gross one-upmanship?

"Well I wasn’t; rather I was bemused as I thought back to those halcyon male chauvinist days of the 1960’s and 70’s when I, along with virtually all American males, were berated because, per the feminists, we supposedly only viewed women as the sum of their bodily parts. It now appears, based on the words of that pillar of intellectual prowess Ashley Judd and others, that women are, in fact, the sum of their bodily parts.

"By the way ladies, congratulations: you have, in public, far exceeded whatever you think the banter regarding women is in the privacy of male locker rooms. So now what is the sequel to grab attention, as so much time remains in the Trump presidency? There aren’t many options remaining beyond an endless cavalcade of public nudity as these so-called feminist groups have pretty much plumbed the depths of verbal depravity. But the nation will be watching and waiting for the curtain to rise on the next act of the Feminist Follies."

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