Sunday, January 22, 2017

Pretenders to The Cross in DC

Prayer service the day after.
It seems that President Donald Trump set a record for the number of prayers at his inauguration.

Does that say anything about his personal faith? I don't know. He did take his oath with his hand on the Bible his mother gave him. He grew up in a religious family. He has attracted quite a number of black pastors.

One is Darrell Scott of the New Spirit Revival Church in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. He visited with Trump in New York long before the election.
Scott has told and retold the story of how he met Trump. He was invited to Trump Tower in 2011, when Trump was flirting with running for president, and walked in skeptical of what the tycoon might tell him. He found a prayerful Christian, someone who would fight with Scott to defend his community and his faith. 
“Christianity gets a bad break,” he said, recalling how Trump agreed with him. “We’re presented as being bigoted, narrow-minded people, and there seems to be no anger over this. When we oppose transgender bathrooms and same-sex marriage, we’re portrayed as the enemy.”
So maybe Trump is pandering. Maybe his upbringing is still in him. "Bring up a child in the way he should go ..." and all that. Maybe the black ministers and people in general think that, whatever his personal failings and faith, Trump will at least defend their right to practice their faith.

And Barack Obama? The professed Christian? Benny Huang writes:
This is a man who once said that “Sin is being out of alignment with my values.” Seriously? Actually, sin is being out of alignment with God’s values. I can only conclude that Barack Obama is his own higher power.

Which leads me to my next question—who are these fools who think Obama is a Muslim? That’s ridiculous. Barack Obama is a secular humanist just like the mother who raised him and the absent father he idolized. He joined a church that teaches black victimology while calling it Christianity—and he likely only did that because he had political aspirations.
Well, I think he's a Muslim sympathizer if not a card carrier. Huang continues his checklist:
Take Nancy Pelosi, for example. I consider Pelosi to be an anti-Christian bigot but she’s able to parry the accusation by claiming to be just as Catholic as Catholic can be. This is a woman who never misses an opportunity to mention her Catholicism, sometimes misrepresenting Catholic doctrine to justify her Left Coast policy positions. Nancy Pelosi may have a baptismal certificate but she really worships at the altar of statist liberalism. She should probably just admit it and stop making a mockery of her (and my) religion.
Pelosi’s constituents are comfortable with atheism, just as they are comfortable with sodomy on parade down Castro Street. It’s Catholicism that make them squirm—especially its teachings on butt sex. She would pay no penalty at the polls for admitting the obvious fact that she isn’t really Catholic after all. Still she persists with her lies.
So back to The Donald. I expect him to respect our Christian institutions, unlike the Muslim/non-Muslim Obama, who openly attacked them.

A lot of my Christian friends are appalled at The Donald's manners and words and escapades. I don't defend him for those. But the choice was him or a woman who was an enabler of a sexual predator. I didn't vote for Trump to be a spiritual leaders but rather a leader of government. To get the government off the backs of the Little Sisters of the Poor. And to get it out of the abortion industry, which millions of Americans believe to be a flagrant violation of the Sixth Commandment.

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